So, the first few weeks of the course have been a little bit of a minefield of ill health and sorting out a lot of life stuff. My first lesson was a primer into critical thinking and how to extract information from a text effectively. The text we were focussing on was ‘An essay on abjection” by Kristeva a female philosopher and feminist. This initial class on critical thinking and research planning gave me some inspiration as to exploratory work I could engage in. Specifically In regard to our tutor mentioning the utilisation of psycho geography , and referencing my interest in temporal work and land art/ process art  (Richard Long, Christo etc.) I have been thinking about the use of the Zenza Bronica SQ-A medium format camera, and spent some time using it. The Ilford XP 400 film produces 12 shots. A number which is perfectly divisible into 360. Making it a perfect choice in my mind to use for a) daily cycles and b) cyclical walks that can be mapped to 30 degree intervals. I’m interested in utilising this method to maybe taking a photo at each of these points to create a series that defines an area. Maybe all pointing inward to a This was my preliminary thinking whilst using the Bronica camera. I then moved onto thinking about moving in social circles, as I really want to be capturing portraits and how that could be defined.  I like the idea of creating a project with a mixture of set pieces and natural shots.


Key words : Process, Circular, Social, Portait, Temporal (Ethereal) Mental Health, Stuck,  Future, Elemental, Sex, Botanical, Digital, Everyday, Obstacles, Animal, Freedom, Music, Exotic, Raw, Vice, Passion, Pygmalion, Artist

Some Scans from the negatives taken with the Zenza Bronica – With the idea of Psycho Geography in mind.


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